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Quick AD is the best AD management tool on the market today
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Quick AD is the best AD management tool on the market today. Its your answer to the arduous task of managing and organizing data. Besides providing quick and easy access to AD information, Quick AD gives you up to date information on FAR library (1-199) files, Type Certificate Data Sheets, and STC's. In addition, Quick AD comes with interactive functions allowing you to add your own notes to each AD, create aircraft/engine/appliance profile worksheets, create aircraft checklists, import and export profile worksheets, and create keyword associations with AD's for your own Filtered Summary AD Lists.

Most importantly, Quick AD is easily updated through our Quick AD Web updates that refreshes your data in seconds, all accomplished within our application when connected to the Web. This truly benefits anyone who is away from their home base for extended periods of time where an update CD would not be available. Or international users who do not have to wait weeks for the Update CD to arrive. Information is updated weekly so you always have access to the latest AD information.

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